How to set Notch filter (50/60 Hz) in the BioTrace+ software.

  • Open your measurement screen (e.g. QEEG, EEG, EMG, etc.)

  • Open the channel set window by pressing the "C" key on the keyboard. The channel set name is indicated on top of the channel set window.

Set the Notch filter for the raw data channels:

  • NeXus-10: channel 1-4
  • NeXus-32: channel 1-21 (EEG cap) or 25-28 (EXG/EEG sensor)
  • NeXus-4:   channel 1-2

  • Select the desired channel

  • Click "Edit"

  • Select the "50 Hz Notch ON" or "60 Hz Notch ON" (e.g. for USA and other countries)

  • Click "Apply" and click "OK"
    Repeat these steps for each channel you want to apply the Notch filter to.

  • Save the channel set by clicking "File" > "Save channel SET as..." in the top menu

  • Select the channel set you have modified (as described at the second step) or type a new file name to save it as a new channel set. and click "Save"