Perform the following steps to install an update*:

1. Download the latest version in the related article at this knowledge base. Download an update by right clicking the link and selecting Save target as. Make sure to select to correct language/location.

2. Choose a location for saving the .exe file. It is recommended to save it on the desktop. Close BioTrace+ before starting the installation.

3. Run the .exe file.

4. The program will scan for installed versions of BioTrace+. In case of multiple versions installed, please select the folder which needs to be updated. Click Next to start the installation.

5. Click Exit when the update process is ready. The update is installed.

*An update overwrites default content. Make sure to back up changed default content (e.g. edited screen) before installation. Content with different names than default content, will not be overwritten. Updates will not make changes to any session or client data.