When you cannot find the answer to your question in this knowledge base, you can contact the local distributor or submit a ticket for more help.

To speed up the process, please include the following information in your support request:

  • Serial number of the product (you can find it on the product label; the SN is 10 digits long);
  • Version of BioTrace+, e.g. BioTrace+ for NeXus-10 V2017A EN;
  • Version and edition of Windows (e.g. 7/8/8.1/10, Home/Professional/Enterprise/...);
  • If applicable: how you connect your NeXus to your computer: Bluetooth (internal or dongle), USB or USB/Fiber optic.


  • Did the equipment work without problems before? If yes, did anything changeĀ to your computer after which the problem occurred (e.g. think of a Windows update, a driver update, a change of hardware, etc.)?
  • Describe the steps to reproduce the issue.
  • Provide us with all informationĀ you have about the problem, like (error) messages that appear, what you tried to solve the problem, etc.


When you have a question about recorded signals or a recorded session, it is very useful if you send us one or more recorded sessions. Read the article about how to export a recorded session for a step by step guide.