Getting Started

Install BioTrace+ software
Power supply
Connect with Bluetooth or USB
Activate Biotrace+ Software
Start a session
Client feedback
Review & analysis

Start a session

Select a training screen

  • At the startup of BioTrace+, Home will appear.
  • Select Signal Library and choose a signal or modality (e.g. EEG)

  • Select a screen in the list (e.g. 1x EEG SMR). This will open a training screen.

Connect sensors and check signal quality

  • Click the Connecting button to check how to connect the sensors (Sensor input will also be shown between brackets in graph titles)

  • Although there are multiple configurations possible for the NeXus-10, the most common configuration is:

  • Connect the sensors to the correct input and make sure the red dot of the connector is facing downward. Sensors can be disconnected by pulling the silver ribbed part of the connector backward.

  • Click the Signal check¬†button to check signal quality after starting a recording.

Start a recording

  • Use the Session Control Bar on the bottom of the screen to control a session. Click the Record button to start a recording.

  • Select a client and click Continue... ¬†or click Add New to add a new client.

  • Click Start recording to start recording a session.

  • In order to stop a recording, click Stop.

  • An alert box will appear. Click Yes to save the session and to enter a description of the session. Confirm by clicking OK, the session is now saved.