There are different ways to interface with NeXus and/or BioTrace+.

1. Export

Data can be exported into standard ASCII, EDF or other file formats compatible with Excel, Matlab, SPSS, etc. There are several export options like the choice of raw or processed channels, including event markers, segments, etc.

2. Interface to binary data output files

This function is available by default in BioTrace+ for all NeXus devices and can be used if you need some real-time data available in your own application, but you do not want to program an entire interface for the NeXus devices (including data acquisition, buffering, processing and visualization). BioTrace+ can output real-time data values for raw and processed channel to a binary file at approximately 10-20 times per second, depending on computer resources. Data is written to a datachan.bin file with a format of double [80].


You have the possibility to communicate directly with the NeXus devices without the use of the BioTrace+ software. The DLL gives real-time access to data coming directly from the NeXus-4, NeXus-10 or NeXus-32, via Bluetooth or USB. The DLL can be used for direct access within other applications. In comparison to option two, this option requires programming of data processing, filters, etc.

The DLL contains three functions:

  • Init: Initializes the DLL and connects with the NeXus; during initialization a callback function address should be passed. This callback function will be called by the DLL for every data sample that will be received from the recording device;
  • Start: Starts data acquisition at the requested sample rate;
  • Stop: Stops the data acquisition.

The DLL is located within a demo-project and is made available after paying a fee per license key. The how-to use information is included in the source files after opening the project in visual studio and on request there is a short video available of the demo application and the basic usage of the DLL.

4. Custom Visualization Instrument

This option is available if you want to have a custom visualisation instrument on the BioTrace+ screens. With this option you can write your own Instrument that will get data from up to four channels within BioTrace+. An example within BioTrace+ is the Mandala instrument.

This option is made available after signing a non disclosure agreement (NDA) and paying a fee. Contact our Sales department for more information.