When the USB/Fiber connection fails, the NeXus-32 automatically tries to connect via Bluetooth. If that does not work, an error message will appear in BioTrace+. Because the FUSBI and Fiber cable are still connected, you might think you are recording via USB/Fiber.

Please check if the FUSBI is recognized correctly by the computer:

  • the FUSBI must appear in the Device Manager when it is connected to the computer via USB;
  • the green light on the FUSBI turns on;
  • one of the 'pins' inside the FUSBI shows a red LED light.

When the Fiber cable is connected, also one of the pins on the other end of the cable must show a red LED light.

When the the Fiber cable is plugged in the NeXus-32 and a recording is started, the word 'Fiber' appears on the NeXus-32 display. When the Bluetooth connection is used to record, the word 'Serial' appears on the display.